When I had the idea of working on the Home Away from Home project alongside my cousins emigrated to the United States, and after contacting them by phone, I felt the need to reconnect with this part of my family and my life. I hadn’t seen my cousins since I was a child in Gaza. So I started a series of drawings from memory, in pencil and watercolour. To remind me of their faces and appearance first, then to imagine what they might look like today. Then, always from memory, I drew some kind of “souvenir photos”, “snapshots” of their summer visits to Gaza in the 1970s. Then, before and during the project, I put on paper childhood memories that surfaced again. The drawings “Jet Lag”, “Untitled / Water” and “Untitled / Sand”, on the other hand, are a kind of installation, objects or sculptures inspired by my travels between Paris and the United States, between Florida and California.